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5/4" Hardwood Frames

All of our furniture frames are made from durable, WHAD grade 5/4" Hardwood Maple. Our lumber is Kiln dried and surfaced to 1-1/8" thick.


Maple is a widely used hardwood for the framing industry and provides ample strength and durability.

Our furniture frames are built to last and are crafted using double dowel construction for all joints. Additionally, all corner blocks are screwed in to the frame, not just stapled.

We learned from the "old guys" how to build frames the right way - the only way. Our frames are made to last and we are proud of the fact that we use only the best materials and construction techniques.

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Double Dowel Construction

You Choose The Upholstery

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We sell only the furniture frame itself. It is the bare wooden frame ready to be upholstered. 

We do not do any upholstery work here, but if you are in the need of an upholster, just ask, we have worked with upholsterers literally from every corner of the United States and we can put you in contact with a great upholsterer in your area.